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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mentalist versus NFL

I love watching football, both English and American. I like the NFL games, the players and especially the coaches. The league? It's the enemy - to the players (non-guaranteed contracts, head injuries, suspensions) and to the fans (TV blackouts;pay, pay, pay; lousy Wi-Fi; gouging; and TV schedules).

Found an interesting item about a show that CBS switched to repeat due to the lengthy NFL game, and the best part is the anger of the fans in the comments. Fans of the show, 'The Mentalist,' that is, not of the NFL. Read the piece here.

But though the NFL with its replays and endless commercials and constant delays (oh, the joy of an English football game and its nonstop action), the problem with the TV schedule is the problem of the networks. Why do they keep the NFL game as a 3-hour event, when it regularly goes nearly 4 hours? Fox was the first to figure this out, replacing all pre-8 p.m. content with NFL highlights.

Poor CBS and its ancient way of looking at it, and poor '60 Minutes.'

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sleepy Hallow returns

My favorite new show of the fall is back tonight, "Sleepy Hallow."

I wonder how it will do now that the Halloween season has passed, but I think people will like it as it is following in the tradition of "X Files" in an overall mystery story with various other issues arising on a weekly basis.

They have a plan, it seems, for a potential seven-year run. Let's hope the writing keeps up and that Fox does not pull the plug early.

It is well acted and has strong stories, so far. But it has to be an expensive show to shoot, making their effort a real challenge.