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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer time blues

These are good blues to have, being too busy to watch all the good TV available.

I still have on my DVR the last half of season two of "The Vikings," a blast of a show. Family turmoil has followed the season one conflict of warrior opposing his paranoid earl. Now treachery in the family and from a king who failed to honor agreements has our hero scrambling. Again, the story is fast moving, the sets and costumes incredible and the performances engrossing.

But we in my family enjoyed the end of season two of "The Americans," and following the story of spies and the interest we have in "Sleepy Hollow," we decided to blast through the On Demand version of the opening season of AMC's "Turn."

We cannot wait for season two in the spring of 2015.

More good stuff is there with this show, looking to add more history to the entertainment. It seems AMC is more interested in keeping its shows on for the long haul so I trust in giving this one a chance. Star Jaime Bell is great as the reluctant spy and anguished son who wants to do right by both his family, his community and his conscience. The full cast is delightful and makes all parts of the plot fun to watch, but the highlight is the villain, played by Samuel Roukin. You want him to die but love having him around to menace.

But why the blues?

All this World Cup evening catching up and all the activities of a fun summer are filling up the DVR.


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