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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday evening gem

Enjoyed the new "Masterpiece Theatre" on PBS, "Endeavor," which is a prequel to the Inspector Morse mysteries. It was sharp, well acted and a little long. But the nuance of the story was great, and I love the details, even if I'm late to the game and never watched the original series. I like the period pieces and the actors did a good job on a quality set.

But my Sunday evening gem is back and good as ever: The second season of "Death in Paradise" is on PBS Detroit at 7 p.m., replayed overnight later in the week. The season opener was just as good as season one, adding a bit of possible romance.

The show is more than "Monk" on an island, relying greatly on the British mystery telling and subtle humor. Not on On Demand, they are available online with a good search.


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